Party like it’s 1929.

Join Downtown Lynchburg Association as we host an exclusive party on Saturday, May 4 for the swankiest of dames and dapperest of gents.

So exclusive, in fact, that we won’t be releasing the location to ticket holders until May 1st. What we CAN say is that this secret, private space has NEVER been host to a bash like this before.

This is not a costume party, but feel free to put on the ritz.

Tickets include 1 Virginia Distillery Company signature drink, hors d’oeuvres, and access to a roaring good time. Password and location will be sent to you three days prior to the event.

We’re gonna make you hoot and holler!

What’s a party without a show? There will be plenty of live entertainment to get your heart pumping.

Tansy - The Elizabeth Taylor of Burlesque

This vintage vixen teases with both humor and a sophisticated sensuality.  A staple on the New York City burlesque stages, Tansy radiates a joyous effervescence whilst channeling the sublime glamour of another era. She is admired for her classic energy, storytelling, and joie de vivre.

Burlesque is an artistic work that caricatures the manner or spirit of serious works. During prohibition, burlesque could be seen in underground clubs and cabarets, often featuring bawdy comedy and striptease. Modern depictions of burlesque are featured in pop culture references such as All That Jazz, Moulin Rogue, and The Pussycat Dolls. Ask any modern burlesque performer and they will tell you that their art is rooted in empowerment, strength, and entertainment.